M&M Micro Systems Inc. has provided the SOMS® family of software for over 35 years. We understand law enforcement personnel need an integrated software system designed to meet specific needs.

iSOMS® is an integrated CAD, Court, Jail, Mobile, Records, Pretrial and Probation system
in one package from one vendor.

We are your solution!


M&M Micro Systems Inc. will work with your agency on Data Conversion and Full Software Implementation.

Our world is changing rapidly. Data analysis is important and we know data is needed in a user-friendly detailed format. The demand for data sharing, mobile solutions and real-time reporting is critical. The iSOMS® family can help your agency achieve these results at a cost affordable solution.



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M&M Micro Systems Inc. understands law enforcement agencies must keep communities safe in addition to keeping detailed records. The iSOMS® software is a tool to help your agency with data management and statistical reporting. This will improve officer safety, community communications and data analysis. There is one database for integration, less data entry, increased efficiency, and rapid report searches. All of this from one vendor.