The Company that provided Winsoms is introducing the latest in Public Safety Software

M&M Micro Systems, proud to introduce our newest version of Public Safety Software, iSoms.

The Complete Software Package for all your Public Safety Solutions.

M&M Micro Systems provides software that is Innovative and Reliable that will meet the critical demands for Public Safety Law enforcement agencies, Detention Facilities, and 911 Communications Centers. ISoms software will optimize efficiency through quick access to vital information and comprehensive reporting, with accurate and reliable data.

Web-based software for RMS/JMS/CAD/MOBILE plus much more.

  • Will serve the technological needs of any Law Enforcement Agency. You will have all the information you need to manage your agency in one place.
  • A complete software package including all programs and modules for one price. No more buying individual programs and modules, everything is included.
  • An innovative, integrated management solution to meet the critical demands of law enforcement agencies by addressing the present and future needs for data integration and sharing.
  • Provides workflow management and analytical tools along with statistical reporting.

Records Management – Provides collection, approval, and dissemination of criminal activity data

Jail Management – The Corrections module is a whole software package in itself with the ability to run an entire facility. Booking, Cell Checks, Commissary, Medical, Work Release, Inmate Mail, Movement Tracking, Shift Notes, Volunteers and Visitation can be managed from here

Detective Case Management – Case notes, Undercover, Intel Reports, Sex Crime Offenders, importing images, and linking files, all in a secure location.

CAD – Single and multiple agencies, including Fire, Police, EMS and Sheriff can be supported. Single station or a network with simultaneous users is available. Features like mapping, access to IP cameras at schools, businesses and other public access areas are at your dispatcher’s fingertips to assist officers in making your community a safer place.

Court – Maintain bond payments, clear bonds, print court dockets, and generate fines/costs and restitution.

Mobile Data – Includes everything your officers need on the go. Incident Reports, CAD, Citations, Warrants, Field Interview Reports, K9 Incidents, Arrest & Booking and Accidents.

Administration – Employee Records – setting up secure profiles for your employees, payroll, training, pre-employment, incidents. Also, a complete FTO program, Policy and Procedures and IBRS Submission.

Property – Evidence, Vehicles, Armory, Office Supplies, Pawned Items and Building Maintenance.

Another new feature is the ability to design your own custom forms or edit forms in the system. Simply make your changes and upload to use the now integrated form in iSoms.

  • As always you will have conscientious support that you can count on.
  • We offer Remote Training at no additional cost to your yearly maintenance contract.
  • All at Competitive Pricing.

M&M Micro Systems, Inc.

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