M&M Micro Systems Inc. has provided the SOMS®

family of software for over 35 years. We understand law enforcement personnel need an integrated software system designed to meet specific needs. SOMS® is an integrated CAD, Court, Jail, Mobile, Records, Pretrial and Probation system in one package from one vendor. We are your solution!

M&M Micro Systems Inc. understands law enforcement agencies must keep communities safe in addition to keeping detailed records. The SOMS® software is a tool to help your agency with data management and statistical reporting. This will improve officer safety, community communications and data analysis. There is one database for integration, less data entry, increased efficiency, and rapid report searches. All of this from one vendor.

The SOMS® software has been created for complete software integration. Because of this feature, information is entered once, which improves workflow, eliminates data entry mistakes, and allows officers to move on to other tasks. Agencies can share information including records, photos, mapping and CAD information.

Unlike many other vendors, SOMS® does sell in modules. One purchase will outfit your agency with a complete solution from one vendor. Agencies, such as 911 Centers, Corrections, Court, EMS, Fire, Probation, and Records will find a solution.

The SOMS® family of software was developed to meet your needs. Regardless of your agency size, the SOMS® family is your solution. Data can be entered easily, detailed reports produced quickly, at a cost-effective price. We have two platforms available: windows or browser.


Our world is changing rapidly. Data analysis is important, and we know data is needed in a user-friendly detailed format. The demand for data sharing, mobile solutions and real-time reporting is critical. The SOMS® family can help your agency achieve these results at a cost affordable solution.


Once your agency invests in a software solution, it must serve your needs today and tomorrow. The SOMS® family is a robust, ever-changing system designed to keep you current on state and federal changes. We are a telephone call away to help you!

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Records Management System


The SOMS® RMS software features are:


  • Arrests
  • Case Management
  • Civil Process
  • Citations
  • Document Imaging
  • Employee Personnel
  • Evidence
  • Field Interviews
  • Field Training
  • Incidents
  • Media Attachments
  • Mobile
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Property
  • Staff Training
  • Undercover
  • Warrants

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)


The SOMS® CAD Dispatch features are:


  • Dispatch Calls and Update Unit Status
  • Record Dispatched, En Route, On-Scene, Arrival and In-Service Times
  • All Active Calls are Displayed with Color Designations
  • Call History Available
  • Track BOLO
  • Email and Texting
  • Wrecker Rotation
  • Radio History
  • Hazard and Medical Alerts
  • Street Directions
  • EMS Billing



The SOMS® Evidence features are:


  • Bar Code Compatibility
  • Storage Tracking includes: Building, Lot, Bin, Bag, Drawer, Shelf
  • Detailed Chain of Custody
  • Integrates with Incidents
  • Integrates with Case Management
  • Track Checked In, Checked Out, Transferred, Returned, Pending Destruction, and Destroyed
  • Maintain Collection Records, Storage and Destruction
  • Perform Evidence Audits

Mobile Features System


The SOMS® Mobile features are:


  • Scan Drivers License to Automatically Add Drivers
  • Vehicle Information
  • Generate Citation
  • Master Name Search for Persons, Vehicles
  • In Car Ticket Printing

Staff Training


The SOMS® Staff Training features are:


  • Unlimited Courses and Classes
  • Track Instructors and Students
  • Track Expirations and Renewals
  • Schedule and Notify Classes
  • Create Course Objectives
  • Track Attendance
  • Generate Test
  • Generate Certification and Credit Hours
  • Random Drug Test Selection

Jail Management System  


The SOMS® Jail Management features are:


  • Intake and Release
  • Electronic Signature Capture
  • Building Maintenance
  • Document Imaging
  • Inmate Classification
  • Inmate Disciplinary Actions
  • Inmate Medical
  • Inmate Scheduling
  • Inmate Visitation
  • Inmate Education Program