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Our software is an innovative, integrated management solution designed to meet the critical demands of law enforcement agencies
by addressing the present and future needs for data integration and sharing.

Records Management * Case Management * Civil Process * Citations * Employee Personnel * Evidence 

Field Interviews * Field Training (FTO) * Incidents * Policies and Procedures * Property * Staff Training * Undercover * Warrants * Corrections

CAD * Detective * Property * Court * Admin

 The iSOMS® software has been created for complete software integration. Because of this feature, information is entered

 once, which improves workflow, eliminates data entry mistakes, and allows officers to move on to other tasks.

 Agencies can share information including records, photos, mapping and CAD information.

The SOMS® family of software was developed to meet your needs. Regardless of your agency size, the SOMS® family is your solution. Data can be entered easily, detailed reports produced quickly, at a cost-effective price. We have two platforms available: windows or browser.

Our world is changing rapidly. Data analysis is important, and we know data is needed in a user-friendly detailed format. The demand for data sharing, mobile solutions and real-time reporting is critical. The SOMS® family can help your agency achieve these results at a cost affordable solution.

Once your agency invests in a software solution, it must serve your needs today and tomorrow.

The SOMS® family is a robust, ever-changing system designed to keep you current on state and federal changes.

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