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M&M Micro Systems Inc. understanding that after the installation and training, support is critical. Customers need quick answers; therefore we have developed a variety of mechanisms for support. At the time of software installation or a DOS to Windows upgrade, the customer purchases the Annual Software Support Agreement, commonly referred to as the ASSA.

Annual Software Support Agreement

The ASSA agreement is renewable and covers product upgrades and technical support for specified time period. The typical ASSA agreement is yearly. The customer is provided contact information for support when needed.

The ASSA agreement does not cover hardware, network or interface support. The ASSA agreement does not cover upgrade from DOS to windows nor onsite visits during the year.

Extended Support Agreement

Beyond the ASSA, is the Extended Support Agreement. This includes onsite visits to the facility. The focus of the visits are training with new staff or re-training of existing staff. We have found customers are much more comfortable with the software when periodic site visits occur. The number of onsite visits can vary depending on agency functions and goals.

On-Site Simulations

The On-Site Simulations, commonly referred to as the OSS, is an alternative to Onsite visits. It allows our programmers or trainers to work with your agency and address any new features or issues that you may be experiencing. The OSS requires high speed communication, DSL, cable or T1 connection and uses technology from Splashtop and GoToMeeting. An OSS will not be performed on dial up connection services.