Records Management

We have created a reporting system designed for the needs of any law enforcement agency. It is made up of many different modules to assist in the collection, approval, and dissemination of criminal activity data. Some of these modules include: Accidents, Animal Control, Citations, Civil Process, Complaint Cards, Incident Reporting, K-9 Incidents and Missing or Wanted Persons.


This module allows the court to stay connected to mantain bond payments, clear bonds, print court dockets, and generate fines/costs and restitution. Payments can be posted manually or automatically and can support multi-court sessions. Reports include: payment histories, transaction audits, open bonds payable, general receipt audits, money collected, open fines and cost, and more.

Case Management

By integrating this module with our Incident Reporting, we make sure that data only needs to be entered once. This give Detectives quick access to Incident Reports so they can start entering their case notes, importing images, and linking files, all in a secure location.


The CAD system has been designed for the fast-paced activity of a Dispatch Center. Single and multiple agencies, including Fire, Police, EMS and Sheriff can be supported. Single station or a network with simultaneous users is available.

Mobile Data

We understand that today’s law enforcement needs to be mobile. That is why we have developed mobile versions of Accidents, CAD, Citations, Field Interview Reports, Incident Reporting, Records Search and many more modules that can be access and used in the patrol car.

Online Information

The Online Information System (OIS) allows the public to view, in “real-time” who is in the facility, their charges, bond amount and more. There is also a Law Enforcement login which allows officers to search inmate data, warrants, create photo lineups, and more.


Our Corrections module is a whole software package in itself with the ability to run an entire facility. Booking, Cell Checks, Commissary, Medical, Inmate Mail, Movement Tracking, Shift Notes, Volunteers and Visitation can be managed from here. And that is just the beginning.


By listening to our customers we have come up with some great tools for Administrative personnel. This module contains tools to handle a multitude of tasks such as Staff & Civilian Training, Time Keeping, Workers Comp Claims, Policy and Procedure, Internal Affairs and many more.


When you are looking for property, we believe you should only have to look in one place. No matter what type of property; Evidence, Vehicles, Office Supplies, or Pawned Items, this module give you fast access to the information you need. We also give you easy access to your information by generating and support bar-codes, along with bar-code scanners.