Jail Management System (JMS)

The JMS (Jail Management System) provides a single-entry, comprehensive inmate management system that makes real-time inmate information available to any system user. 

Jail Management System

  • Intake and Release - Provides all intake and release functions, captures and maintains inmate mug shots, creates lineups, and documents inmate property at booking.
  • Electronic Signature Capture - Capture Inmate's Signature with Electronic Signature Pad.
  • Building Maintenance - Alert and Tracking of Jail Building Maintenance
  • Inmate Classification - Classification of inmates in the detention center.
  • Inmate Medical - Provides scheduling nurse and doctor visits for inmates, and notes on nurse and doctor visits.
  • Inmate Scheduling - Provides scheduling for the inmates.
  • Inmate Education Program
  • Document Imaging
  • Inmate Visitation - Ability to track inmate visitors.
  • Complete migration of existing data to the new system (JMS)
  • Access to SQL database or API for all databases
  • Data dictionary for the database
  • Custom XML export to 3rd party (for inmate medical, commissary, inmate phone, and visitation, Sheriff app for current confinement, and Vines)
  • Ability to pre-book into jail from arrest form
  • Jail Incident Report – The ability to enter Incident Reports and meet state reporting requirements and use of force.
  • Booking Reports and Administration Reporting - Board Bills, Cell Worksheets, State Reports, Inmate Credits Jail Population Analysis, Department Statistics, Inmate Year-end Balance Sheet, Shift Reports, Court Reports, Meal Reports, Laundry Reports, Property, and Inventory Reporting.
  • Transport / Extradition

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