Records Management System

Records management, also known as records information management (RIM), is the process of supervising and administering information created, received, maintained, stored and disposed of, regardless of format. Simply put, records management is the management of an organization's information throughout its lifecycle.

Records Management

  • Case Management - This allows for Investigative Case Tracking and reporting.
  • Field Interview - Helps identify an individual for being in a particular area.
  • Incident Report – The ability to enter Incident Reports and meet state reporting requirements.
  • Citations – The ability to enter and lookup traffic citations and will interface with an e-Ticketing system
  • Training Module – The ability to track certifications and training classes.
  • Undercover Module – This module is used for undercover officer case reporting, tracking criminal informants, and vouchers.
  • Property – This Module tracks several different types of property. Armory, Fleet, Fleet Accidents, Impounded Vehicles, Property Seizure, and Inventory Capital Assets.
  • Policies and General Orders – The ability to manage department policies and notify the employees of updates and changes.
  • Global Records Search – This allows for searches of your local system of persons, locations, vehicles, weapons, features, and vehicles.
  • Civil Process – The ability to enter, lookup, and assignment of civil papers.
  • Warrants – The ability to enter, lookup, and assignment of warrants.
  • School Resource – The SRO can enter their school activity throughout the day and enter Juvenile Incident reports.
  • K9 Program – This Module tracks K9 Incidents, and K9 Training and K9 Unit Module will track K9 medical and certificates.
  • Code Enforcement – The ability to track code violations and required actions.
  • Sex Offender Registry – This Module will help track the registration, movement, vehicles, and notification of new sex offenders.
  • Incident Reports/Stats - This provides numerous reports. Examples: just to name a few.
  • Use of Force Reporting
  • Vehicle Pursuits Reporting

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